When restrictions become bonuses

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You may think when you are diagnosed with Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance that your diet is now boring and so restricted that you no longer will be able to enjoy food.

That though is well in the past, with an ever expanding range of  Gluten Free delights available and the skills and techniques of cooking and baking wholesome nutritious and delicious gluten free foods becoming more widely known your options are wide.

The very fact that you are looking at your food in a new way,   in terms of what it is made of and the effects it will have on your body is a steep but worthwhile learning curve.

This new found  understanding and awareness may lead you to try delicacies that you would previously never thought of trying, if you still had the option of the quick and easy junk foods of the none gluten sensitive still been available to you.  It will lead you to new tastes, textures and flavours equally as pleasurable as those of the past but this time you will also feel great after your meals too.

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