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This week’s recipe is for Waffles. I found an electric waffle maker in Lidl so thought I’d have a go and they are absolutely delicious. They are really easy to make gluten free and can be enjoyed any time of day – you could dust them with a little icing sugar and serve with berries and natural yoghurt for breakfast, or you could drizzle them with a bit of honey or maple syrup and enjoy as a desert.

You can find the full recipe here and buy some of our gluten free flour here. Also, you can see how we made them on our YouTube video here.


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Any waffle maker will work with this recipe, but like most gluten free things, they do tend to stick, so it needs to have a very non-stick surface.

I was quite surprised to find that unlike pancakes, the batter for waffles needs to be quite thick. It also needs quite a lot of baking powder or they won’t rise to fill the waffle shape.

They can be kept in the freezer and can be reheated easily in the oven.

Hope you enjoy it – do let us know.