Valentine’s Red Velvet Cake

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This week’s recipe is a Red Velvet Cake for Valentine’s Day. I have made it in my favourite heart shaped bundt tin (which was actually incredibly difficult to ice, but never mind). You could make it any shape you like – including cup cakes. You can find the full recipe here and buy flour here. Our blend works particularly well here because it is so smooth – the ‘velvet’ originally referred to the smoothness of the cake.

It is a gorgeously coloured cake, dark red with the vanilla coloured cream cheese icing and tasted delicious, with a note of chocolate and buttermilk.

Traditionally, buttermilk made the anthocyanins in cocoa powder turn red, but nowadays red food colouring is used. I prefer mine a darker red rather than some of the more lurid colours I have seen and specialist paste colouring works a lot better than the liquid sort. Good supermarkets have it now.

This cake is dairy free as well as gluten free, but you can, of course, use butter and proper cream cheese instead. It needs quite a high fat content otherwise it is a bit crumbly, so I used Tomor, a dairy free margarine which has the same fat content as butter. Violife is the best dairy free cream cheese for the icing.

Hope you enjoy it. Do let me know.