Tear and Share Focaccia

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Thank you for all your lovely feedback about the Easter recipes. I’m so glad it inspired so many of you to bake this Easter. 

So I would share another of our favourite weekend recipes – a ‘tear and share’ bread, Focaccia. I make it with rosemary and sea salt as the topping, but you could use lots of other herbs.

One friend of ours, Marino, roasts some cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions and herbs in olive oil, then tips the dough mix over the top, allows it to rise for 20 minutes or so, then puts it back in the oven until it is baked. Then he turns it over to serve. It’s a sort of Sicilian pizza and delicious to share with friends who are waiting for you to get the main course on the table!

This recipe uses our amazing and versatile gluten free flour blend, which you can buy here. It makes so many different things from breads like this to thickening sauces, with none of the bitter or gritty taste that you can get with gluten free.

The Focaccia recipe is here.

I do hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to order some flour to make it.