Some of our favourites from the Great British Bake-Off made gluten free!

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We’ve been loving watching The Great British Bake-Off this year. But it’s been a little disappointing how few of the contestants have tried to do anything gluten free – there’s not been a free-from episode this year, especially considering how many people in the UK are coeliac or follow a gluten free diet!

Yet, there have been many bakes that can easily be made gluten free – so we thought we’d share with you some of our favourites from the series. Why not give them a go yourself?


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We’ve got a fabulous classic gluten-free Churros recipe which you can check out here! They are a perfect sweet treat and are delicious with a dipping sauce. Traditionally Churros are served with a chocolate dipping sauce but why not try them with a tropical twist and like Benjamina did in this series of Bake Off? Or Pistachio and White Chocolate Churros like Jane? You can use this recipe as a great base for trying out other adaptations of gluten-free Churros! Add some exciting flavours into the batter mix itself or keep them original and serve them with a different dipping sauce.



Apricot Danish

Apricot Danish


Delicious apricot danish pastries are a European classic. Check out the recipe here. Danish pastries are great for breakfast. You can vary the fillings, like the cinnamon, apple and custard danish, like Candice did on Week 5 of Bake Off.




Bakewell tart

Bakewell Tart



Check out our yummy Bakewell tart recipe here. You wouldn’t believe this tart is gluten free and like Mary’s Bakewell tart, this tart can be topped with a glossy feathered icing for an impressive finish.




Genoise Sponge

Confession time – I had never made a gluten free genoise sponge. But seeing how often it appears as a really firm stable sponge that you can ice, I was inspired to have a go! I needed a triple layer cake to ice for my granddaughter’s Christening on Sunday. Here is a photo of it as a work in progress, more pics will follow once I have iced it. It worked pretty well, apart from shrinking a little. A genoise is not supposed to have baking powder in it, but I did find it was more stable with half a teaspoon in.You can find the recipe here, so give it a go!

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We swear by our gluten free plain flour blend to get great results, no matter the bake. Don’t forget to buy some HERE to whip up your own gluten free bake off inspired bakes! Happy Baking!