Raw Coconut and Chocolate Balls

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Raw Coconut and Chocvolate Balls
Raw Coconut and Chocolate Balls

Ian and I have been doing some research recently into sugar. I have been writing an article for a forthcoming issue of a gluten free publication that I contribute to and we have also been working on a new issue of our own magazine.

For a while now, I have been trying to make my own recipes lower in sugar, but until I started really looking into the health issues associated with excess sugar consumption, I happily used it in my baking.

Conditions that have been linked to a high fat diet, such as corononary heart disease, are much more likely to be attributable to high sugar and carbohydrate intake. I often see nutritional therapy clients who have been on a very low fat diet and, as a result, have painful joints and low mood. They also find it very difficult to lose weight, as their bodies have gone into a sort of starvation mode. So my recommendations to them are usually more healthy fat such as oily fish and coconut oil and much less sugar and carbohydrate.

Yet, I often find that sugar creeps easily into my mouth! In the run up to Christmas, I am trying very hard not to get sucked in to the high sugar culture, but I do still find I want a little sweet treat now and then.

So I made some sugar free, gluten free, dairy free raw treats this morning and they are delicious! I’m going to be recommending these to everyone who finds it hard to do without anything at all sweet in their lives.

Raw Coconut and Chocolate Balls


100g ground almonds

20g unsweetened dessicated coconut

2 tblsp gluten free cocoa powder

6 soft dates, destoned and chopped

3 tblsp melted coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tblsp unsweetened dessicated coconut for rolling

Makes 12



Melt the coconut oil by placing the jar in a bowl of hot water. In the food processor, combine the ground almonds with the coconut and the cocoa powder.  Add the chopped dates and vanilla essence.  Pulse briefly in the food processor. Now add the melted coconut oil and blend until you have a paste.

Sprinkle a board with dessicated coconut. Divide the mixture into 12 balls and roll them in the coconut.

Chill in the fridge before serving.


Nutrition Facts
Servings 12.0
Amount Per Serving calories 107
Total Fat 9 g  
Sodium 2 mg  
Potassium 14 mg  
Total Carbohydrate 6 g  
Dietary Fiber 2 g  
Sugars 4 g  
Protein 2 g