IMG_2006Sometimes a course or a download really isn’t enough to solve the problems you are experiencing trying to live gluten free. We combine our experience and knowledge of gluten free baking and living with Deborah’s specialist nutritional expertise to create personally designed packages of training and information to help you or your family and friends to successfully create your own gluten free life. 

Call Deborah on 07882 688989 or email her to discuss what you need.


Here are some brief case studies to give you an idea of how we can help.

Mrs M Teeside  – Mrs M is the mother of two girls just entering their teens. She wanted a cooking day with all three of them to get the girls more interested in making their own healthy food. She realised that getting her girls to take ownership of what they ate and have the ability and knowledge to create food they were happy to eat is a key life skill. She recognised that she had her own issues with food and wanted not to pass them on. We had a lovely day where we made healthy cakes, some quick main meals and some tasty snacks such as kale chips and dips.

Mr & Mrs C Liverpool
– This couple have two small children with a very unusual auto immune condition and multiple food intolerances. Despite the very restricted range of foods the children could eat we created bread, pastry, cake and dumplings that not only the kids could eat, but their parents enjoy as well.  It was a very successful day (the dumplings were particularly amazing), opening up many more possibilities for family meals and even a birthday tea!

Mrs M-S Kew – Mrs M-S is the mother of a junior doctor with coeliac disease. She contacted us to buy her coeliac daughter a gift voucher for a baking course. This young doctor’s hours and bizarre shift patterns meant that there was not a single day that she was available to come! So I went to their house on a Monday morning and taught her all the introductory basics, cheesy scones, shortcrust pastry, bread and cakes. They were delighted and I know she has used the skills she learnt many times since.

Gluten Free for Food Service – We are quite often called upon to help people who wish to either set up a gluten free business or improve the gluten free offering of their current food business.

Rena -has a dream of opening a gluten free bakery in Beirut (where she is from). She came to London to learn some basics, then asked if I would visit her in Beirut to help her work on product development. So in March 2015 I flew out to Beirut for a very busy three days training the staff of her prospective bakery.  We worked long and hard and developed a range of amazing breads which will be the foundation of her new business. List breads..?

Anu, MD of Naytures Intent – Came on one of our baking courses earlier this year and asked us to develop a range of ‘sweet treats’ to go with the amazing paleo style gluten free lunches her company sell from their food stall. So far we created a double chocolate chip muffin for her that is being market tested prior to full production. Lots more for this company as our relationship evolves.