course-page-main-grainfreeThe pastry course covers all the essentials of how to make the elusive perfect gluten free pastry. The gluten free pastry course will cover shortcrust pastry, puff pastry, choux pastry and tarte au maroilles.

From shortcrust pastry to choux, we show that it is possible to make light, crispy pastry (and not a soggy bottom in sight!). Ideally, you need more than one day to make the best puff pastry, but we can cover all the stages and you get to take a block of it home with you. It’s a fantastic thing to have in your gluten free baking repertoire. The final pastry that we are going to make is a traditional tarte au maroilles. This yeasted pastry is baked with a piece of maroilles cheese in it, which slowly melts and tastes amazing. We reckon it could be made with other things apart from cheese too.

A delicious gluten free lunch is provided, along with tea and coffee.

All courses run from 9.30-3.00pm