No Sugar Strawberry Jam

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I have had a lot of strawberries recently on the allotment. I used to make strawberry jam with them, using sugar, but recently I really don’t want to start my day with a sugar high! But I do miss having something nice and sweet that I could spread on some of our lovely gluten free bread at the weekend. So I started devising a strawberry jam recipe that had no sugar in it, but was still jam-like! This is it. It is slightly runnier than normal, and won’t keep as well. I keep a jar in the fridge, but the remainder of it is actually in a plastic container in the freezer. But it tastes just like jam, but without sugar or any other nasties!

No Sugar Strawberry Jam


1kg strawberries, hulled

Juice of 2 lemons

200ml water

250ml Certo pectin

200g Xylitol


Makes about 2-3 jars



Chop strawberries into halves or quarters and place in the preserving pan with the water, the pectin and the lemon juice. Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes until the fruit is a bit softened.

Add the xylitol and bring to a boil.

Place a saucer in freezer, and after the jam has boiled for approximately 10-15 minutes, place a little on the very cold saucer. Leave it for a minute. Push it gently with a finger to see if a slight skin has formed. If not, carry on boiling the jam until this happens. Once you have a ‘jam-like’ consistency, pour it into sterilised jam jars or plasticĀ  containers. It will keep for about a month in the fridge, longer in the freezer.



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