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If you are fed up with shop-bought bread that falls apart, crumbly cakes and rarely being able to find anything savoury on sale, then learn to make your own. It will save you money too.


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But how?


It doesn’t take long to learn and it’s surprisingly easy with our Gluten Free – The Basics series of downloads.


These are a step-by-step, easy to follow set of ‘How To’ guides. They are in a ‘cartoon’ form with lots of clear pictures of every step in each recipe, just as I teach them on the courses we run in Harrogate, London and the Wirral.


Recently, we have updated them because of the launch of our new, amazing gluten free flour. The results with our new flour are now even better. Delicious cheesy scones, perfect pastry, brilliant, simple bread and fantastic cup cakes.




There is a ‘How To’ download for each of the four basics of gluten free baking.



Each of them is £2.50 or a surprisingly good value of £5.00 for all 4, packaged up with extra recipes and hints (very useful!).


We even have a printed version now (linked here) – delivered to your door for £8.00.


Use these unique ‘How To’ downloads combined with our new gluten free flour and you will enjoy great results with your baking.


The link for more information on these courses is here.


How delicious do these baguettes look…



By clicking here, buying some of our flour and following the above recipes you can make some yourself!