Man (or woman) cannot live by cake alone

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Don’t misunderstand, believe me I have nothing against cake, I love it, cake and all the other lovely home baked delights for the sweet toothed.

However as building a complete, rounded healthy diet you do need to be able to make a very wide range of lovely foods to feed your body ( and soul  too).  This means making all the tasty savouries you would have access to as a gluten eater, scotch eggs are a great favourite and a handy picnic and party food. Ideal for lunch boxes with some crudités they make a health and tasty lunch.

Our recipe for these lovely little gluten free scotch eggs is to be found in our magazine Gluten Free Baking and Living in the section about gluten free foods on the go, so why not download a copy and get baking?

To get this recipe and others, take a look at issue 1 of Gluten Free Baking and Living magazine now available FREE!

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