Chocolate pastry fruit tarts with mascarpone cream

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My earliest attempts at GF pastry tasted like cardboard. I soon realised that techniques and textures of baking pastry GF were very different to using wheat flour. It isn’t just as simple as substituting one flour for another!

Our conversations in the food fairs soon revealed that even the most experienced bakers were struggling to get pastry that was edible.

I have developed a flour blend along with rolling and handling techniques that are simple and effective. I know they are because we teach them on our courses and we have not had a fail yet. To produce the best results for different things requires slight changes, the blend of flour depending on what it is for – teff flour is very good as part of the blend in cheese straws.

To learn how to make GF pastry, come on a course or buy the Master Class download.

For these simple little summery fruit tarts, I tried a gluten free chocolate pastry and it was absolutely delicious. The filling is really simple and takes only minutes to make.

Nutritionally, this is treat territory although there is protein in the egg and fresh fruit is always good, no matter what you mix it with.

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