Gluten Free Summer Pudding

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I usually make this pudding when suddenly everything is ready for harvesting all at once on the allotment. It’s one of those great seasonal classics perfect for a summer day. I vary the berries according to what is ready – gooseberries are lovely in it if you can get them and even plums later in the season.

This gluten free version of this popular summer dessert is a little more fragile than the traditional version, which is why I line the bowl with baking parchment and only tip it out of the bowl just before serving. I find it is best made with home-made bread, because it is a little bit more robust in texture, but it will work with the main brands available from the supermarkets and on line GF suppliers. If you want to make your own but don’t have a good recipe, get our Master Class download. Another option is to try Helen’s Brilliant Bread Mix, available from Sainsbury’s.

All the brightly coloured vegetables and fruits that we eat are a good source of antioxidants – you should eat a range of them every day from red peppers to carrots to blueberries and every colour in between. The berries in this recipe are definitely part of your five a day.

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