Gluten Free Pastry

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Not entirely sure why its taken so long for us to get this pastry course available – gf pastry and its crumbliness, dryness, sogginess or whatever is the most consistent theme  of the Gluten Free Food Fairs we go to. More people tell us they struggle with gf pastry then any other item.

So, at last Gluten Free Baking & Living present –

Puff Pastry

Choux Pastry, Eclairs,  Sweet and savory profiteroles

A French yeasted pastry (we eat this for lunch)

Shortcrust Pastry, Pâte Brisée Sucrée,  Chocolate Pastry

Puff pastry, lots of butter, folding in, rolling, chilling, more folding, rolling, chilling as we work through the day. We get the puff out to give yet more folding, rolling and chilling. Then you take it home and do it some more! It’s quite a performance but you do get a delicious puff pastry.

folding puff pastry
folding puff pastry

Choux pastry is quick and rewarding, in the pictures you can see a coffee icing and a chocolate ganache. Whilst we were developing this recipe, on a whim I stuffed one with hot smoked salmon and crème fraiche. Oh dear heaven, was that good!!

The yeasted pastry is a French recipe, we were first introduced to it by a friend from Lille. She explained this tarte aux maroilles was a typical Northern French dish they would eat in cafes and bars; typically it would be served with frites and salad. Maroilles is a specific type of cheese, it’s very smelly but quite mild in taste. In these pictures and on the courses we use the more widely available Italian taleggio.  It’s a great cheese for cooking with as it melts well and has a good taste. This pastry is clearly very flexible as some of Sunday’s bakers made theirs up with more conventional courgette and mushroom quiche fillings.

Shortcrust pastry – the traditional pastry for pies, quiches, tarte tatin, cheese straws. We also show you how to make Pâte Brisée Sucrée, the French patisserie pastry for the fruit tarts and in this case, lemon meringue pie. We couldn’t finish without a quick demonstration of our very own chocolate pastry – we love to pair it up with a pear and frangipane filling.

Sadly we will only have time for a demonstration of one of the fillings, but we will send you away with the recipes we use.

tarte au taleggio
tarte au taleggio!
rolling puff pastry
choux buns

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