Gluten Free Pastry Course Sunday 28th September

One of the first things I tried to make gluten free was pastry. I knew it was supposed to be difficult to make, but I quickly worked out better techniques and the right mix of gluten free flours to make fantastic shortcrust pastry. We have bean teaching it on our gluten free baking course right from the start with fantastic results – lots of lovely quiches, tartes tatin and jam tarts.

Choux pastry was added to the patisserie courses earlier this year, to make wonderful éclairs. But I have often been asked about making puff pastry, so I had a go. On my first attempt, I made some sausage rolls that just melted in your mouth. Ideally, you need more than one day, but it’s a fantastic thing to have in your gluten free baking repertoire. We are going to teach it on a specialist pastry course on Saturday 28th September in London.

The final pastry that we are going to make came from a French friend who showed me how to make a traditional tarte au maroilles. This yeasted pastry is baked with a piece of maroilles cheese in it, which slowly melts and tastes amazing. We reckon it could be made with other things apart from cheese too.

So, the first gluten free pastry course will cover shortcrust pastry, puff pastry, choux pastry and tarte au maroilles. It will take place on Sunday 28th September 2014 in London and cost £100.

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tarte au maroilles 2

Sausage Rolls
Sausage Rolls


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    This past weekend, I was in the UK and ate Tesco’s Free from fruit cake. It tatsed just like real Christmas cake! I never thought I would be able to eat it again Also Tescos have gluten-free parathas all sorts of yummy stuff.However, they are a UK company only! Why is this range of products not available in the USA. I am now in a gluten-free sulk. Alison

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