Gluten Free Birthday Cake

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It was Margaret, my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday recently and we did a big birthday lunch for the family – there were 16 of us (we had to bring the garden table in). We made roast pork and all the trimmings, followed by fruit and cheese. Then the piece de resistance was the birthday cake.

It’s a version of my normal sponge cake recipe but bigger! This amount of mixture makes 3 layers of 18cm size cakes. I prefer to make 3 thinner layers than 2 thick ones. I think the cake cooks more evenly that way. Enormous gluten free cakes tend to sink in the middle and be overdone at the edges.

I make the cakes dairy free and then reduce the dairy in the buttercream filling by using half butter and half dairy free spread. Ian doesn’t react well to diary, although her can cope with a little. I also use some ground almonds which I like for flavour and moistness but you can substitute with more flour instead.

The other magic ingredients (which is optional) is Isabel’s Baking Fix. it is a form of tapioca starch which makes cakes rise better, be more stable and last longer.

I used my home-made redcurrant jelly as well between the layers as it gives a slightly sharp fruity note against the buttercream, which is delicious.

And I always buy the fondant icing. I have made it once, but it is a palava, when it is widely available in the supermarkets. You can even get it ready rolled!

I do hope you enjoy this – it’s been a staple in our household for a few years now!

You can get our lovely gluten free flour here.SONY DSC