Ginger Biscuits

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This recipe was very kindly shared with me by Tina Baird on facebook. She has a cake business and makes the most gorgeous looking creations (and can do gluten free and dairy free too). Do check her out!

Biscuits can be tricky gluten free, but these ones are delicious. I do think that golden syrup is the way of making great biscuits (and amazing, ultra fine gluten free flour of course!).

An optional extra is to add some finely chopped crystallised or stem ginger to the dough. The dough freezes really so you don’t have t bake them all at once. You could add more ground ginger if you prefer them a little pokier.

These really are gorgeous biscuits, so thank you so much, Tina.

You can find a printable PDF of the recipe here and you can find our lovely flour to make them here.