Flatbreads, Vegetables and Not Being a Fat Boy Any More!

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Get the Flatbread recipe here.


These rather unprepossessing looking items contain next Summer’s deliciousness. I have been engaged in a task that must be thousands of years old, sitting in the late September sunshine preparing seeds for next year’s crops.





It was a deeply satisfying ritual that brought back memories of great meals in the past and thoughts of meals to come.

Food has always been a very important part of my life, more then just the fuel to keep me functioning. It is a way to find new lovers, cement the family together, creating bonds of friendship and shared experiences and now in late middle age, a new business.

Throughout my adult life, my love of eating and drinking has kept me firmly in the fat boy club. Every diet has been tried and all have been found to be useless and difficult to keep too. The big trigger for me was diagnosis with coeliac disease back in 2012.

It forced me to completely reassess what I ate and why. It also forced me to look long and hard at the perceived dietary wisdoms.  What has become very clear to me is that the simple irrefutable evidence of the massive rises in obesity and diabetes means that what we have been told by governments, the health services and industry are wrong.

My wife is a nutritionist (link here), an often derided group of people by mainstream health professionals. She has a BSc in Nutritional Medicine and knows more about body chemistry than most GP’s. Her practice is utterly and completely evidence based. I would tease her that her advice to anyone seeking support from her was always ‘ just eat more vegetables’. OK, that was a bit simplistic but actually adopting her mantra of eat more vegetables, along with as many varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruit as possible, has radically altered the way I look and feel.

I have cut out potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, biscuits and cakes except for the occasional treat…I have also cut out dairy, it just gives me an upset tummy with unpleasant consequences for everyone!! I do still eat a piece of really good cheese but try and stick to ewe or goat milk cheeses. Fortunately in Harrogate we are blessed with The Cheeseboard, so there is plenty of choice of very fine cheese!

So what do I eat –  10/15 portions of vegetables most days, averaging 7/10 varieties of plant. Meat is used as a seasoning (say a little chorizo) for about 20% of meals, with a much larger roast lump of something once a week.  Fish and shellfish go with another 25% of meals, the rest being vegetarian meals based around recipes from recipe books from Moro, Ottolenghi and Honey & Co. There are a couple of squares of dark chocolate most days. A teaspoon of coconut oil goes in my morning espresso with as much good quality olive oil and rapeseed oil as I can add to the dishes I create. I still drink way too much…30-50 units per week, mostly wine.

This pattern of eating evolved slowly over the years and really started properly in Jan of 2016. What changed first was my body shape, my weight stayed much the same. But, I experienced a massive boost in energy levels. Finally in May, the weight started to slip away too. I am now 15lbs lighter and two trouser sizes smaller. I think I have got something right at last.

And the flatbreads? Well they have become the default setting for when I fancy something  to put jam on for breakfast or to add a bit of bulk to a main meal.  I make a bacon sandwich with them or with a bit of chorizo for snack.

I make them with our very fine gluten free flour with a bit of gram flour, get the recipe here and watch the YouTube video here.

These flatbreads are ideal for restaurants and street food operations as well as being so easy to make them at home.

So get to it everyone, please buy the flour here, and make your own versions. Please do let us know how you get on and any adaptions you discover so we can share them with everyone!

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 19.20.27