Chocolate Cake

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I’ve never been that inspired by chocolate cake, but I’m beginning to realise it’s because I’ve rarely had a really good one. I often make a dense, more-of-a-dessert one. It’s a flourless nut based cake, and I usually use ground hazelnuts instead of ground almonds. But that’s really a pudding.

But sometimes what Ian (my husband and the other half of the Gluten Free Flour Co) wants is an old fashioned proper chocolate cake, sandwiched together with buttercream. So I made one, and then I realised what I’d been missing!

This is not dessert, not a brownie – it’s proper cake. And it’s gluten free and you just wouldn’t know. It is moist, chocolatey, not too sweet and definitely not dry and gritty!

I also made ours dairy free. My favourite dairy free margarine for baking is Tomor (from Ocado), but any of the dairy free spreads would do. I used our brilliant plain flour blend, with ground almonds to make it moist and a little bit dense, but you can just add another 40g flour if you also want it nut free.

I added a little Isabel’s Baking Fix which really helps gluten free cakes be more moist, but you can leave it out if you haven’t any. I buy it direct from

The chocolate buttercream has proper 70% dark chocolate in it – do use a good one.

And don’t forget to order some of our exceptional plain flour to make it with – it’s brilliant for cakes, you wouldn’t even know they are gluten free (and it won’t work the same with other GF flours).

Here’s the chocolate cake recipe.

And there’s a video of me making it now on YouTube!