Carrot Cake

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I thought that making a carrot cake might be a bit of a change for Easter. I’ve often made Simnel cake which we really love, but what’s not to like about carrot cake? Apparently it was the favourite cake in the UK in 2011!

It does have the advantage of feeling reasonably healthy as it has plenty of grated vegetable in it. This makes it quite a dense, moist cake. Though the health advantage is probably cancelled out by all the cream cheese icing that is on top! You could always just use the icing to sandwich the layers together, rather than have it all over as well.

It is one of my absolute favourites and delicious with coffee although you could serve it as a pudding at Easter.

It contains ground almonds and walnuts, but if you have a problem with nuts, you can just substitute more flour for the ground almonds and use raisins instead of chopped walnuts in the cake.

Most supermarkets now have the carrot decorations, made from icing or coloured chocolate – just perfect for the Easter Bunny!

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