Apricot Danish – Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

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In 2016, 34 years on, my children (two who are also coeliac) born in that decade are all grown up, busy getting married and having children of their own, and politicians are still arguing about Europe!

We get enquiries from bakers, cake makers and manufacturers large and small here in the UK, but all across Europe too. Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Ireland – and at the moment getting products supplied to them is as simple as sending it to Manchester, Bristol or Glasgow.

We buy rice from Portugal, maize and sorghum from France, potato flour from Austria. The raw materials are milled, blended and packed here in the UK by our manufacturing partner Edme Ltd. No matter what the outcome of the Brexit vote, the European gluten free market is going from strength to strength, and it’s never been easier to source great gluten free produce from all over the globe, but our future in Europe certainly is food for thought.


Here is sneak preview of one of the recipes featured in the magazine:

Apricot Danish Pastries

It is a complex bake, but well worth it! You can see how they are made on our YouTube channel.

We tried these before wth other gluten free flours and they were a bit crumbly, so it was a revelation making them with our new flour blend. It creates a soft dough, but you can handle it, which is really important when there is a lot of rolling to do. You can buy the flour here.

And it does work better if you can use a lactic butter such as Kerrygold, Lupak or President – all European brands!